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Our Volunteers

What Some of Our Volunteers Have to Say


Peter Biggs Volunteer

”I will always be grateful of the Dementia Café in Daventry. When my wife was first diagnosed with this terrible illness, I found it hard to find a place that I could get ready information from to help me.


Then I found Demcafe and it helped both myself and my wife. It helped me because there were Carers who had been through what I was going through and would help me with all the forms and how to get help whether it was money or assistance.


For my wife Anne, it was a chance for her to make friends, feel useful and contented and live a near normal life.


At the start I was given this help and now I am trying to do this for the other people in the District that desperately need this help and support.”


Angie Pinder  Volunteer

“It’s a pleasure to be able to write a few words about what Demcafe means to me and my husband.


After the shock of the diagnosis and all our life’s plans going out of the window in acceptance or denial, for us it was denial and it was so hard to move forward, but  by finding out about Demcafe and going to our first meeting. It was a big turning point for us, to be with others that were either caring for people with Dementia or suffering this very cruel disease.


To find that you’re not alone and that you can have lots of fun and laughter, support all caring for each other is amazing. Because everyone is at different stages you can gleam lots of tips to make our lives so much easier.


Please don’t let Dementia hold you back, come along and see for yourselves you’ll be glad you did.”




Brenda Davis  Volunteer secretary to group

“I decided to become a Volunteer with Demcafe after the support I was given when my Mother was diagnosed with Dementia.


Knowing that there is somewhere to go and talk to people in the same situation as you, helps tremendously and the information given was invaluable.

I feel very honoured to be part of a team dedicated to supporting both the Carer/Family member and the person living with Dementia.”



Sarah Hood  Volunteer

I worked for the Daventry and District Community Mental Health Team for older people for over 20years until I retired in 2019. My main passion during my career was working with those living with Dementia and their carers.


I have also personally experienced challenging times with my Dad who had a Stroke and went on to develop Vascular Dementia. My role as a volunteer is to facilitate the carers support group and organise speakers and fundraising activities.


I leave each Demcafe session feeling uplifted and satisfied that we have made a difference to not only the person living with Dementia but to their Carers .



Trish Chamberlain - Volunteer

When I was asked if I would volunteer at DemCafe a few years ago I was very happy to do so.

My mum suffered dementia for many years and I enjoy helping out at DemCafe using the experience that I gained whilst caring for my mum.  


Annette Allibone - Volunteer

Lucy Coulborne Picture_edited.jpg

Lucy Coulborne - Volunteer

Lucy joined the committee after attending the Demcafe with her Dad who lives with Dementia .Lucy is a retired nurse and being part of the Demcafe gives her a sense of achievement and fulfilment 

IMG_1482 (2).jpg

Barbara Parkinson  volunteer

“I was an Occupational Therapist for all my working life and retired from my last job which was with the Community Mental Health Team for Older People in Daventry, 


I am a firm believer in the value of purposeful activity to improve well being and since I had been involved with the support group running in Long Buckby , I decided to continue as a volunteer when it moved to Daventry. Being engaged in some sort of meaningful activity is an important part of living well with dementia and I see my role in Demcafe as facilitating such enjoyable activities whilst the carers are having their peer support group.”



Elizabeth Lambert - Volunteer

I came to live in Long Buckby in 2015 ,I used to work as a care home inspector and have experience working with people with Dementia. Following attending a fundraising event for Demcafe I found out about how I could volunteer and really enjoy the group.


Val Ballinger - Volunteer

For the last eight years of her life my mother was a resident in a care home living with dementia.

Over those years I learnt a lot from the staff on how to interact with people with dementia.

I first heard about Demcafe a few years later when Demcafe representatives were at a concert to accept a donation.

After a quick chat with them I was invited to sit in at their next meeting which I enjoyed and continue to look forward to each meeting.


Mary Craig  Volunteer

In my working career I spent over 25yrs passionately trying to get the elderly and those with dementia to be recognised for the services they rightly deserve. Now in my retirement


I volunteer at Daventry DemCafe where the service that is provided embodies all of the best of those ‘care values’. The relaxed friendly environment which treats everyone with dignity and respect, providing support for carers and activities for all. DemCafe is a place where people enjoy a ‘cuppa’, chat, laugh, learn, smile and go home feeling supported, lighter and brighter.


This is why I’m delighted to say ‘I’m Mary Craig and I’m a DemCafe volunteer


Nicky Wilson - Volunteer

I cared for my mum who had a stroke which developed into dementia, when she passed away I felt I had learnt a lot of skills and wanted to use them in a volunteering role for Demcafe.

Ron Hunt Treasurer_edited.jpg

Ron Hunt - Volunteer Treasurer

Ron cared for his wife at home who had mixed Dementia, they both enjoyed attending the group and enjoyed the company and support of others .Since Joyce past away Ron has continued to be on the committee and enjoys his role as treasurer.

Annie Isles Picture_edited.jpg

Annie Isles - Volunteer


Annie brings her husband Harry to the Demcafe and enjoys the company, she gets lots of help and support from the other volunteers and those who attend the support group.

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