Daventry and District Memory Cafe

Registered Charity No. 1184292

A friendly and welcoming support and activity group for anyone experiencing memory problems.

 On the 2nd Tuesday of the month The Alzheimer's Society Support Worker attends to facilitate the carers support group for those  caring for individuals with a diagnoses of Dementia.

For those attending who have not been diagnosed there will be experienced volunteers available to offer support and give guidance. 

Whilst those attending with any memory problems will join in the various stimulating activities.

On the 4th Tuesday of the month an experienced Demcafe Volunteer will be facilitating a support group, providing a chance for carers to come together to share experiences, gather advice and seek support from other members of the group.

Whilst those attending with any memory problems will join in the various stimulating activities .

We meet at the Daventry Methodist church on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at1pm-3pm from January 2020.

Small charge to cover refreshments


We are unable to use the Daventry Methodist Church on the above date therefore will be relocating to 



We will arrange transport from outside the Daventry Leisure centre and return Refreshments will be included ,usual subs will be charged.

We will be collecting names and transport requests at the next meeting.



A short history...

A Dementia Café was run in Daventry by the Alzheimer’ s Society until they lost their funding from Northants County Council.


The Volunteers and Carers decided that it was too important to lose the cafe and they formed a committee to consider a way forward.


This was the birth of Daventry and District Memory Café in April 2017.


To start with things were a bit ad hoc, for example, our early cafes were held in the iCon Cafe, to whom we will always be grateful, as they did not charge us except for the coffee we drank, but as we grew in confidence and started approaching local businesses for help, we received enough sponsorship to enable us run the Demcafe firstly at the Abbey Centre and currently at the Daventry Methodist church

The Dementia Cafe is run on the second Tuesday and forth Tuesday of the month by experienced volunteers who have all been touched in some way by Dementia .

Our aim is to provide a safe environment to support  carers and facilitate activity and stimulation for those experiencing memory problems. We provide a mixer of games, quizzes, and  reminiscing sessions, most importantly a friendly welcoming atmosphere..


Some of the members of this group have known each other for a long time and had  supported each other through some really tough times. 

We have now been awarded Charity Status by the charity Commission. Charity Number: 1184292.



How Dem Cafe has helped us


A Special Thanks to our Sponsors

We are now a fully fledged Charity Community Group in Daventry   We have a constitution, a mission statement, a committee, a bank account and a wealth of good will in the local community. We have received a huge amount of support from the community and local businesses and we continue to fund raise in our own right.

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